We must always remember that we created and manipulated dogs to make them what they are today. We subdued an entire specie to fulfill our needs. That should give us a responsibility towards them.
— Sophie Gamand

Wet Dog, the book, available now!

My Wet Dog book is available! It's the perfect gift for all dog-lovers. Over 120 portraits of miserable, fun, soggy doggies captured during their least-favorite activity: bath-time. Available in stores and online, around the world. Click here for more info.


Flower Power 2016 calendar available!

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Welcome to Striking Paws!

Striking Paws is a project about Photography Helping Homeless Pets, created by Sophie Gamand in 2010. Sophie is an award-winning photographer focusing on animals (visit her professional website at www.sophiegamand.com).

Since 2010 Sophie has given her time and expertise to help homeless animals through:

She has also helped raise thousands of dollars for various groups through her work (sale of prints, calendars, photobooths at fundraisers, donation of items for auctions, etc.).