Sponsor a Flower Power crown!

I have created 52 #PitBullFlowerPower portraits so far. Not even half of the dogs were adopted. I knew going into this that I was in for the long run. It is a slow process to change people's perceptions. And we have been hating on pit bulls for a long time. Long enough to allow us to euthanize upward 1,000,000 of them every year, as if we were sweeping stuff under the carpet.

People hate euthanasia and despise the shelters that still practice it, but in reality, what other solution do we have? As long as we let backyard breeders produce insane amounts of puppies, as long as we shop for puppies instead of adopting, the cycle will go on.

I have been seriously thinking about touring America with the #PitBullFlowerPower campaign, to raise awareness and take more portraits in shelters. For now I have more shoots lined up and have been building crowns all week (50 so far)!

This project is about judging a dog by his unique, individual qualities (as opposed to judging him because he is a pit bull). It is important to me that each dog should have their own, unique crown. So I spend 1h per crown, designing them carefully and ensuring they are all very different from each other. I try and reuse material but often I can't.

If you would like to help with the crowns, please consider buying my 2015 Flower Power calendar (link in profile).

I am also offering "crown sponsorships" opportunities! Paypal $20 per crown you wish to sponsor at contact@strikingpaws.com, in the message field please indicate the name and social media account(s) of the sponsor (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). I will post a Flower Power portrait with your name as a sponsor!

Thank you all for being a part of this wonderful adventure and for your incredible support. Remember you can also post your own #PitBullFlowerPower on social media (all breeds welcome) to show support!