SHELTER SHOOT: Town of Brookhaven Shelter

This was an epic shoot!! I spent 2 days in the Animal Shelter of Brookhaven Town in Long Island, NY. They have a majority of pit bulls so we did lots of Flower Power portraits as well! In total we photographed 60 dogs, 44 with crowns.

A HUGE thank you goes to Ashley Boyd, the shelter's manager, who handled all the dogs during the shoots! She was awesome and so was her caring staff and volunteers.

I also had the privilege of having Suzanne Donaldson of Mrs Sizzle (best dog, art and awareness blog) with me. She was a great flower crown assistant. A big thank you also to Elena who helped on the second day. A great team work!

PS: there is an "intruder" in this gallery... can you spot him??

If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, check their name on the photo and contact the shelter:
Brookhaven Animal Shelter - 300 Horseblock Road - Brookhaven, NY 11719
Phone (631) 286-4940 / Fax (631) 286-4948