FLOWER POWER SHOOT: Ivy and her puppies

Redemption Rescues, In. brought Ivy and some of her puppies over for a Flower power shoot. The puppies were adorable, but most of our shoot looked like this:

In July, in the scorching heat of the summer, Redemption Rescues was called and asked if they could take in Ivy, a young mama who had just given birth to 9 pups in a backyard in Far Rockaway (which is a pretty bad neighborhood for animals and especially pit bulls, lots of dog fighting and animal abuse). Although one of the owners was considering keeping them, they knew the puppies were in danger: people were lurking around their property to steal them. Yes. You read well. Even worse, the owner believed someone had brought their dog into his backyard while Ivy was in heat to impregnate her. This is why spay and neuter is SO important!! She is just one year old! He finally agreed to surrender the puppies and Ivy to the rescue. She was still living in the backyard, nursing her puppies, in unbearable heat. 24 hours later the rescue went to pick them all up. Much to their dismay, they arrived to mom and only 8 puppies. The owner said someone had already stolen one. The group took the pups to the vet, and into foster care, where they still are. Ivy and her babies are up for adoption. Puppies usually fly out, and mommies are often left behind. Maybe this time we can change that? Mama Ivy is a baby herself at 1 year old, but she has been a great attentive mom to her puppies. She is such a sweetheart. So affectionate and gentle. To know her is to absolutely love her. When she is not tending to her babies she enjoys curling up in your lap for a head scratch. She is really sweet, inquisitive, devoted and deep. Very soulful.

As of December 2015, all the puppies have been adopted but Ivy is still waiting.