After the holiday break, I was so happy to go back to Animal Haven shelter to photograph their adoptables! Turns out, they had just received an incredibly cute batch of pups from Puerto Rico via The Sato Project. As you know I have a soft spot for this rescue group, having followed their hard work for almost two year (see my Dead Dog Beach project). Akoni, the cute puppy who wore flowers last time I was there, is unfortunately still available for adoption. She is a teenager now, look how beautiful she is! I photographed her wearing the same flower crown and will be posting the results soon.

This shoot was also a bit different than usual as the team from DOG & CO. followed me for a behind-the-scene story. There was lots of cute puppies involved, several senior babies, and some flowers too! Check out the behind-the-scene story here. And don't forget to shop with them, they have some awesome dog products!