15 lucky pups had their make-over photos taken at Animal Haven! A couple of them had recently been returned to the shelter unfortunately, like Delonge whom I photographed as a puppy months back. He is now a big, big boy!! I also met Cav, a gorgeous spaniel/cavalier looking dog. He is extremely emaciated and scared. He was just dumped at the shelter by his "owner". She told the staff that he was a bad dog, always eating everything he could find. Well by judging how skinny he is, that could not have been much... Each time I tried to pet him he would coward away. He clearly has been neglected and mistreated for a long time. Well Cav, don't you worry! From now on, it gets better and better. By the end of the shoot, Cav was sitting next to me letting me pet him and I think he secretly enjoyed it :)